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The “Road to Brexit” has yet to be paved

Dharshini David
  • Prime Minister Theresa May will make the last of a series of speeches mapping out the “Road to Brexit” on Friday.  There is much detail for her yet to provide.
  • The government wants a bespoke deal on trade and regulation. But opposition from its own backbenchers, other parties and the EU Commission may threaten that plan.

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Brexit: The UK government has plenty on its plate in 2018

Dharshini David
  • The Brexit negotiations will once again dominate the attention of investors in UK assets this year.
  • While there’s still a range of possible outcomes, the UK won’t get to have its cake and eat it. 

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Morning comment: No BoJ surprises

Chris Scicluna
  • After the BoJ pulled no surprises overnight, all eyes remain on the bond market. 

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Theresa May offers only a little new on Brexit

Grant Lewis
  • Theresa May’s speech on Brexit today provided an opportunity to reset the Brexit negotiations.
  • Unfortunately, she does not appear to have offered enough to move them on to the next stage, leaving businesses continuing to face enormous uncertainty.

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ECB: Not yet ready to set next steps

  • While Draghi and the updated forecasts might provide the odd clue, we don’t expect much more light to be shone on the ECB’s policy outlook this week.

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