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  • US Economic Comment

    US Economic Comment

    14 June 2019 283 KB PDF
    • FOMC preview: dampening market expectations of policy easing
  • US Data Review

    US Data Review

    14 June 2019 198 KB PDF
    • Retail sales: households remain active
    • Industrial production: weather-related utility increase, modest gains in mfg. & mining
    • Consumer sentiment: modest correction in June; still elevated
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    13 June 2019 399 KB PDF
    • Bunds were little changed as falls were confirmed in euro area IP in April and German inflation in May.
    • Gilts made gains as populist Brexiteer Boris Johnson came first by a large margin in the first round of the Conservative party leadership contest. 
  • US Data Review

    US Data Review

    12 June 2019 135 KB PDF
    • CPI: contained inflation; energy prices decline, core rises modestly
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    11 June 2019 404 KB PDF
    • Bunds made gains at the longer end, and govvies from France, Italy and Spain outperformed, as Governing Council members from Finland and Slovakia stated that the ECB would cut rates or restart QE if necessary.
    • Gilts made losses and the curve flattened as the latest UK labour market data beat expectations.
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    10 June 2019 378 KB PDF
    • Bunds followed USTs lower, while BTPs outperformed despite some soft Italian industrial production figures for the start of Q2.
    • Gilts made modest losses despite some weaker-than-expected UK GDP and manufacturing output data for April.
  • Yen 4Sight

    Yen 4Sight

    7 June 2019 439 KB PDF
    • Japanese wage figures remain subdued in April, while Tokyo CPI implied that inflation has passed its peak. 
    • While consumption jumped at the start of Q2, manufacturing output remained subdued.
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    7 June 2019 521 KB PDF
    • Bunds rose and BTPs made very significant gains as data showed marked declines in German industrial production and exports at the start of Q2.
    • Gilts followed USTs higher as a survey pointed to a softening of conditions in the UK labour market.