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ECB: More than a rate cut?

The ECB is widely expected to cut its main refinancing rate tomorrow by 25bps to a new record low of 0.5%. Amid continued economic weakness in large parts of the euro area, along with a softer-than-expected global backdrop and a marked fall in energy prices...

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Germany’s new anti-euro party: The saviour of the single currency?

Seismic shifts continue to reverberate through Europe’s political landscape. After the landmark victory of Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S) at Italy’s general election in February, winning a quarter of the votes...

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The BoJ: Over-inflated expectations?

Tomorrow brings monetary policy announcements from several major central banks. And in marked contrast to those at the ECB and BoE, which look set to deliver nothing new, the Bank of Japan’s meeting will be momentous...

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Euro area post-Cyprus: Re-pricing of risks

The Cypriot bailout is likely to mark a new turning point in the euro area’s debt crisis. Akin to the declaration of Deauville in October 2010, when German Chancellor Merkel and then French President Sarkozy first threatened private creditors...

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UK banks – Safety first

Hopes that a recovery in [productive] bank lending will help kick start the UK’s faltering economy have been dealt a further setback by today’s recommendations from the Financial Policy Committee...

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